5 Cool Camping Gadgets You Need this Summer

We all love camping, its cheap, cost effective and extremely fun especially when you go away with your friends and family. Back in the day you would have used sticks and stones to light a fire, thankfully now we have lighters. Technology has moved on so much and you can get gadgets for everything, including camping!

Here are 5 Cool Camping Gadgets you Need this Summer

1 – BioLite CampStove

BioLite CampStove

From £125.99 – Various Stockists

This camp stove makes use of wood to provide the heat for keeping warm or cooking food. If you are not sure what wood supplies there may be on your trip, it might be wise to take some kindling with you or use a gas operated one.

The thing that is so great about this gadget is that the wood that is being burnt can then be used as electricity. The stove has a USB port that can connect to various items, like a phone to charge it or any other kind of gadget that requires electricity to operate.

2 – Heater Meals

Heater Meals

From £1.99 – Various Stockists

These are ideal to have as a back-up, and they have been used for the army for years. They are dried meals, for breakfast, lunch or dinner that you can heat up, which then provide a nutritious meal. They only take around 10 minutes to heat up using only water, so no camp fire is needed, but can stay hot for up 30 to 40 minutes.

3 – Memory Map App

Memory Map App

Free on IOS and Android

Using your iPhone or android based phone you can use it to track and plan routes that you may wish to take once you have reached your camping destination. Easily take walks through woodlands and areas of beauty that you would like to explore. The app works by using GPS and not a phone signal, so there is no problems with it losing your position; by connecting it to your PC before you go, you can download map areas of where you are going. Easy to see route planner and your own position.

4 – Hi Gear 5 LED Tent Light

Hi Gear 5 LED Tent Light

From £11.99 – Various Stockists

This gadget saves you from hunting around in the dark for a flash light. The light can be hung up anywhere in the tent and is turned on and off using a remote control, meaning you don’t even have to get out from the warm sleeping blanket. The unit itself takes 4 AAA batteries, whilst the remote takes 2 AAA, and is said to run for approx 36 hours, with a light glare so that is does not attract any bugs.

5 – DesignGo Washing Line

DesignGo Washing Line

From £3 – Various Stockists

Possibly one of the worst things about camping, is when it comes to washing your clothes; if you go to a camp site, there is probably a laundrette, but many don’t have drying facilities, or when they do there is so few that you could not be able to use one. This washing line makes use of either hooks or suction cups, that can easily be placed to the tent or car to provide you with a place to dry your clothes.

Guest Author – Jamie Dorrance is a blogger for the travel industry particularly on UK holidays and regularly writes for companies like Cruckly a caravan insurance provider.

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