5 Communication Technologies Changing The Business Landscape

Communication and business are intrinsically linked. You cannot run a business properly if there is no real communication. Imagine if a business could not communicate properly and quickly with its supply chain. They’d have no products to sell. So how is communication evolving in the business world right now? What’s new? Here are a few up and coming communication technologies changing the face of business.


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Instant Messaging

Instant messaging has been a part of the internet user’s experience for quite some time. It seems now that the business world is finally catching on. Instant messaging is superior to email in so much that the conversation is more immediate. An email can sit unknowingly unread in an inbox for days.

So long as both parties are online and using the messaging client, the messages are received instantly. Just so long as employees must keep it open at the corner of the screen during work hours, it’ll work out just fine.

Online Faxing

Websites like efax.com.au offer an online faxing service. Faxes are still one of the preferred communication methods in some businesses. The problem is is that faxes as a technology are very outdated. They haven’t progressed much in the last decade or so. They’re obsolete but are still kept for security reasons.

Online faxing offers to digitise this service. Not only is it more efficient than email, but it also allows viewing on multiple devices.

Skype & Conferencing Software

Being out of the office is not the problem it used to be. If you need to attend a business meeting but can’t make it to the location, you can always Skype in to listen to the meeting and contribute. This also works internationally. If you have international partners who should be at the meeting, why waste money on flying them in? It’s an effective cost-saving measure.

Digital Phone Recording

Sometimes you need to record calls for training or security purposes. Older phone recording technologies were not great. They didn’t record at a particularly high data rate, meaning the calls could sometimes sound very unclear. When creating transcripts or scrubbing through calls for data, sometimes you couldn’t make out what a person was saying

Digital phone recording software is much better these days. They record in a higher quality, so the call clarity is much better.

Communal Documents & Editing

Shared documents are quite new to the business landscape. Effectively they allow multiple people to work on a single document at once. This might sound messy, but all revisions are saved and can be rolled back to if any work is lost as a result of confusion. It works far more orderly than many people would expect.

Most people will not use it at the same time. Instead, other staff can come into the document later to make amendments and recommendations for changes. It’s a feedback system that allows changes and comments to be made on the fly. The communication aspect may be just a side feature, but the software would be far inferior without it.

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