5 Apps To Listen To Music On Your iPhone


I am one of the millions of people in the world today lucky enough to own an iPhone. One of my most favourite things to do on my iPhone is listen to music. I listen to music when I walk, when I workout, before I go to bed, and sometimes when I’m just not doing anything. another thing I like to do is discover new music! There’s a lot of apps to do this. It’s often happened where I find new bands I’ve never heard of through these apps, and the week after I’m logging on to Ticodo.com or browsing eBay for remaining tickets to their gigs!

If you like to do this too, and own an iPhone or another device that supports apps, then read on to discover the 5 best apps to listen to music.



Spotify is a brilliant app with a load of brilliant features. You can download it for free on your home laptop or computer, and get a certain amount of hours listening time for free too. However, Spotify premium is the way to go. Once you have purchased premium either for a year, 6 months, or as little as a month, you can download Spotify on your iPhone/tablets/many other portable devices. You can then set your favourite playlists to offline, meaning you can still listen to your hearts content without an internet connection, wherever you are.

There are even apps you can download for use within Spotify, such as Filtr, where you input some of your tastes and it will create you a playlist it thinks you might like. Genius!


Band of the day

Band of the day is great for people who enjoy discovering new music. This app will recommend literally a band a day to you, allowing you to sample 3-5 songs. The genres are mainly indie/blues/folk…but if you like those you’ll love this!


Last. fm

Last fm will stream music straight to your iPhone, complete with it’s own unique benefits. This app analyses your preferences and gives you personalised recommendations, not to mention helpful little bits like tour dates and the events calendar! There are no monthly usage limits and you can skip songs as much as you want, the only downside being it takes a bit longer to buffer. With all those benefits, who cares?!


Slacker Internet Radio

This great little app provides you access to hundreds of radio stations from almost every genre you can think of. You can even create stations tailored to you based on specific songs or artists.

This app does give you a limit on how many times you can skip a song, six skips per hour per station. This might not sound too good to you if like me, you are a bit of a skipper. However, Facebook and twitter are integrated into this app, making it a bit nicer to use.

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Tunein radio

I know what you’re thinking – another radio app?! But this one is definitely unique. This app allows you to do something that not many radio apps out there do – pause and rewind live radio. Not only that, it includes 40,000 radio stations including local stations from your area. The current song playing is shown underneath each radio listing, making it a breeze to decide what station to put on!

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