10 Instagram Growth Hacks for Your Local Business

Instagram is one of the leading social media network around the globe with millions of active users, and it’s like a shining star among all when we talk about business profiles. With an extensive increase in its fans following Instagram has a very valuable corner of a local business. Now what you need to know is how you can promote the growth of your local business through Instagram and for this purpose we have summed up the top 10 Instagram growth hacks that are listed below. Now choose and start up with your business profile on the go.

Engage in Powerful relationships with Instagram for Business:

To start from the very first step is to download the application Instagram on your smartphone, create up a business profile then plan out a specific strategy of how to use and achieve goals.

Research on the Business blog:

The second thing which you should have in your mind is to go through different business blogs and take the ideas and best tips that suits your business profile.

Design your profile:

You need to add data to your profile on Instagram where the brand name or service name should be highlighted, moving towards the second step is to choose a logo of your brand and put it as your profile picture, the perfect photo should be the dimensions of 180 by 180 pixels.

Usage of high-quality images:

Of course what people like the most on Instagram are photos so be sure to have High-quality photos of your brand, company, products that make followers seek attention.


Don’t forget to add some behind the scenes of the company´s employees and the company so the customers should get to know about who’s behind the brand.

Profile description:

The user will consider reading about the company first as they visit your profile so be sure to have a catchy description of your company that should not be that long that customers get annoyed and no be that short so they are left confused so is sure to put the best description that will seek attention.

Your Business web address:

Sure you cannot put all your company’s description, and history on one Instagram description so make sure you put the right URL of your business profile on your profile so customers who are interested towards your company can get your whole profile in one easy click.


Use of hashtags is loved by the users of Instagram which are very important as to connect your followers to your marketing strategy. Hashtags can let you gain followers on Instagram fast. Hashtags such as #blackfriday #newyea r#welcomewinters create a link between your customers and your brand and up to 30 hashtags can be added to one photo so always have the best suitable hashtags.

Seek attention from targeted followers and engage:

Most users of smartphones have Instagram, but now it’s time to provide access of your profile to laptop and PC users and put your description as images telling your story to give them a close and personal look at you. For engaging your customers with your profile, you can promote it through providing promo and discount codes rewarded to the  followers of your profile once a week so more, and more customers will follow your business profile

Promote your profile on Linked accounts:

We know that Instagram post can be shared on its linked accounts such as Facebook or Twitter so put your best images of your brands and promote it through sharing it on these linked accounts to get a high rate of followers.

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