10 Concept Green Gadgets we Wished were Real

In this article I will be telling you about 6 amazing concept green gadgets. That are not actually real. We wish they were though! So here they are, the 6 eco friendly gadgets we wished existed.

Wearable solar powered Leaf Phone

Wearable solar powered Leaf Phone

Mobile phone designs are becoming wackier and weirder as the years go by, but this is something else. This phone was inspired by photosynthesis hence why it’s called the “leaf” cell phone. The phone is worn on the wrist, and all its power is taken in from solar cells on it’s front panel. If you really need to however, you can charge this phone with regular electricity. The “Leaf” definitely offers fashion and is functional, but we mustn’t forget its main objective is to remind people to contribute to energy efficiency! Don’t all rush to your local Three shop as this is only a concept and not available yet.

Mechanical mobile spinning finger phone

Mechanical mobile spinning finger phone

This would be the first mechanical mobile phone, charged by simply spinning around on your finger! Might be fun for a while but I can’t see it taking off personally although this idea definitely has a wild west feel to it. 1, 2, 3, draw?!

Biodegradable grass phone

Biodegradable grass phone

This phone was designed to last only the length of its functional lifestyle, around 1 year. The phone has a grassy casing that will slowly dissolve, eventually leaving you to recycle the screen and keypad! The only downside I can see in this is using it on a rainy day, which is pretty much every day in England.

Mobile script phone

Mobile script phone

This phone is an amazing concept, It would consist of two screens, one regular and one flexible screen you can roll out that becomes stiff! This phone has all the great features we have on our modern day phones, access to the internet, games, documents on the go. But wait for it…this phone doesn’t even need to be charged! Thats right, it converts sunlight into energy, never leaving you short of your phone again.

Scrap wood phones

Scrap wood phones

These phones are made using cypress wood scraps. Don’t worry though, as they have a protective coating making them deter mould, insects and completely waterproof! Of course this amazing gadget wouldn’t be complete without its touch screen and camera. What a phone that would be!

Kinetic flexible OLED mobile phone

Kinetic flexible OLED mobile phone

This phone is a very sciency concept, but i’m told that if you are a fast and a regular texter, this would be the phone for you. It basically feeds off how much we interact with it, translating our kinetic energy into a load of big words that nobody understands apart from those scientist guys, but it sounds good all the same. In layman’s terms – no batteries! That’s not all, this phone is also a flexible model with shape memory, meaning it can FOLD easily into your pocket or wallet!

So there you have it, 6 of the best concept eco friendly gadgets we (so badly) wished were real. It hopefully won’t be long before gadgets such as these become a reality, as i’m already saving up my pocket money for the mobile script phone!

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