Back in the day, the most technologically advanced piece of IT equipment in a school was a BBC Micro. Thankfully, things have moved on somewhat since those days. A lot of schools are now introducing tablet computers to help teach school children about various subjects.

If you are a teacher that uses tablet computers for your students, then you need to check out these 10 awesome educational apps!


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The TeacherKit app is a personal classroom organiser that every teacher needs. It enables teachers to organise and manage classes, and students. The simple and intuitive interface lets you track student attendance, grades and behaviour.

Download the free TeacherKit app for iPad

Essay Grader

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With the Essay Grader app for iPad, you can provide your students with outstanding feedback and reduce your grading time. You simply move back and forth between a series of tabs and select appropriate checkboxes, and the Essay Grader app then creates a feedback document for each essay you grade. These documents can be emailed to the student, yourself, or exported to a computer.

Download the Essay Grader app for iPad (£4.99)


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GoodReader is a PDF, Word document and text file viewer with many powerful annotation features. You can highlight, draw, write on and even search for text with this app. It also lets you import and export from a number of sources such as DropBox, SugarSync, FTP and more.

Download the GoodReader app for iPad (£2.99)


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The Flipboard app is a way of creating your own customisable, personal magazine, which you can use in class to make your lessons more interactive and intuitive by setting up magazines which link to relevant websites, RSS feeds and more.

Download the free Flipboard app for iPad and Android.

Stick Pick

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This app helps you to pick a student at random just by giving your tablet a shake or tapping at the screen. It can suggest questions for students learning at different levels, and it can also be used to record how well they respond during classroom discussions.

Download the Stick Pick app for iPad (£1.99) and Android (£1.98).


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Dropbox is an online cloud storage service that lets you store different types of files that can be accessed from a computer or tablet. It’s the perfect way to share documents and images with your students.

Download the free Dropbox app for iPad and Android.

BrainPOP UK Featured Movie

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BrainPOP UK Featured Movie topics connect to current events, historical milestones and more. This app is a fun and intuitive way to teach your students.

Download the BrainPOP app for iPad (£3.99 for full access subscription) and Android (free).


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GarageBand is a cool way to teach students in music lessons using an iPad! It offers a collection of Touch Instruments and a fully-featured recording studio all within the one app. Any tracks that are created can be shared via email or onto sites like SoundCloud.

Download the GarageBand app for iPad (£2.99)


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This app makes it easy for teachers and students to stay connected, and to share information with one another. You can all use your tablets to send notes, submit class assignments, check for messages and more.

Download the free Edmodo app for iPad and Android.


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There are limitless possibilities for integrating Skype into a classroom environment. You can connect with parents for virtual conferences, or perhaps offer distance learning courses with the app.

Download the free Skype app for iPad and Android.

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